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Coronavirus Latest Update

Important Update from Bellavista Nursing Home Cardiff                             Issue Date: 08th September 2020
Due to the increase in new Coronavirus confirmed cases throughout Wales and Cardiff area, we feel it best to suspend all garden visits in our Cardiff Nursing Home until further review. We understand this news may feel frustrating but we feel this is currently the right decision to keep our residents and staff safe. This means any booked visits you have will be cancelled with effect from Wednesday 09th September 2020.
We are happy to continue to support your loved ones to remain in contact with Skype and phone calls and we will continue to update you by phone, email and on our Facebook page on what our residents have been up to and also any changes in the guidance.
We have worked hard with your fantastic support to keep Covid 19 out of our homes and we intend to keep it that way. By suspending visits we will reduce the risk of infection , we do hope you understand our need to do this and that you will support this difficult decision. We plan to review this decision again very soon and will notify you of any further updates in relation to visiting arrangements.
We would like to assure you that we have no suspected cases within the home and this measure has been taken for prevention and to protect the vulnerable adults in our care. If there is an emergency a decision on entry will be made in exceptional circumstances and you are welcome to ring the home at any times to be provided with updates or to speak to residents on the phone. Additional measures have also been put in to place within the home. Our staff will do all they can to ensure that life in our Homes remain as comfortable and sociable as possible. We will still ensure that vital medical appointments will be kept where possible.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


INFORMATION TO ALL VISITORS & RESIDENTS    – Bellavista Cardiff                                         Issue Date: 25  August 20


We were warmed by the announcement made by the government last week to ease  lockdown and begin visiting from 29th of August within the nursing home. As this announcement is only guidance this change will still be subject to our confirmation and at present we believe the best way to continue forward temporarily is to continue with the Gazebo visits this is  solely to ensure the protection of our residents , staff and the visiting relatives and professionals . Please bear with us whilst we continue to review the visiting restrictions over the coming weeks , the home still remains free of any positive confirmed cases and symptomatic cases and we believe if we continue with our current arrangement hopefully this can remain. We understand this is difficult especially for yourself and the residents who are unable to leave there room but please be assured we will be reviewing this  in due time and your family/friends are receiving the best possible care and support and our activities teams are available for Skype Video  calls please email activitycardiff@bellavistanursinghome.com  to book. Please be advised appointments in the garden Gazebo will continue as appointment only and the same rules and procedures that were applied previously maintain.

Infection status of our homes:

Currently all of our homes are COVID-19 free.  Our goal is to be able to keep the homes free of infection and manage infection control measures, social distancing and visiting so that we can sustain this status and slowly re-introduce more of the features of normal life.

Admissions :

Our homes remain open to admissions as usual and we are following the current guidelines issued from the public health authorities to ensure the wellbeing of all. It is important we continue to support the healthcare system and individuals who require a safe care environment.

We will continue to keep this policy under review and provide updates as appropriate. Your understanding is very much appreciated by all our staff and once again thanks for all your support in continuing the safety of all residents and staff at Bellavista.


Updated : 11/06/2020 

Important update about Covid 19 from Bellavista Nursing Home Cardiff .

Dear all Family Members and Friends of Bellavista.

 Thank you for all your support the past three months, it has been a difficult time for everyone. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your co-operation and support during our period of lock down, we understand how difficult it will have been to not to see and spend time with your loved ones. We are proud to say that we are surrounded by a professional, skilled, dedicated, and compassionate team who are willing to put the care of our residents first.  We have been truly humbled by seeing everyone work together using their expertise, and positive attitude to do the right thing.  Our activities team have been working endlessly to ensure all family members have still maintained contact with their loved ones, either via video call or chat, if you have been unable to take part in a phone call or skype call please call us and we will be happy to arrange. We are so proud of all our staff at Bellavista who have gone above and beyond the past few months in support of this pandemic and would like to give them massive thanks and show our appreciation for their commitment.  As you are aware we did have confirmed cases of Covid 19 in our Cardiff home, but we are delighted that the procedures we have put in place, such as an isolation unit, strict infection control procedures and quality care have been effective in limiting the spread of infection ,keeping our residents and staff members safe: however we sadly have lost few residents over the last few months to the pandemic and other natural causes and they are in our thoughts and prayers, we are confident the situation with in the home is stable now and we can look at moving forward in the near future.  We have started to have enquiries into visiting at the home. Please be advised our visiting restrictions still remain the same at present, we will look at slowly easing restrictions when we are advised it is safe to do so by the Public Health Wales,  local authority and Health Board. We hope to have an update on this in the coming weeks. 

Infection control & Personal Protective Equipment:

We can assure you that we continue to take the appropriate precautionary measures to limit the risk of the coronavirus spreading in our care home, and we act swiftly each day, ensuring that we are up to date with the latest guidance and advice published by the Government and Public Health Wales.

Infection control is still very much at the heart of minute by minute work in the homes.  Before the pandemic, we already had strict control audits for managing outbreaks of any respiratory virus or infection, and as more has become known about the Covid-19 virus we have followed new recommendations from Government and Public Health Wales, immediately communicating with our staff about appropriate PPE, hand washing and sanitisation of facilities .We are also keeping on top of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies with daily stock checks and orders to ensure that our staff team have access to everything they need to work and care for our residents in a safe way

We are overwhelmed by all the wonderful gifts and letters of support from family members, community groups and schools. We thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we move safely through this pandemic.

Please keep in mind that until advised by home manager, current visitor restrictions will remain in place.

Maintaining a Safe Environment:

We continue to implement a number of measures to keep a safe environment for our staff and residents. As you will know, we were one of the first care groups to restrict non-essential visits to our care homes and put this in place prior to the Government advising it. In addition to maintaining this restriction, some other key initiatives include:

  • We have requested all residents for testing, and all staff members have been tested for COVID-19, with excellent ratio of negative results.
  • Daily temperature checks for all staff and residents
  • Thorough infection control procedures in place, including use of PPE and handwashing
  • Infection control training in place for all staff plus regular audits of procedures and handwashing
  • Heightened cleaning procedures
  • We are trying our best with a Social distancing policy now in place for our home
  • 14-day precautionary isolation for all new residents who come to live in the care home and implementation of isolation procedures for any resident who shows any potential COVID-19 symptoms
  • Staff members are monitored daily and are following NHS guidelines, being careful to not attend work and to follow isolation guidelines if they, or anyone in their household displays COVID-19 symptoms
  • Staff members are not travelling to and from work in uniform, but are changing into uniform prior to starting their shift in the home, and then changing back into outdoor clothing before leaving.
  • Staff members are limiting what they are bringing into the care home and all belongings are being kept in a designated area away from residents

Once again Thank you for all your support and we look forward to hopefully being able to see you all at some point in the near future. If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch on info@bellavistanursinghome.com

Stay Safe 







Update on – March 20th  2020 : 

Update from Bellavista nursing Home Barry & Cardiff:

We understand that the recent news regarding the growing number of COVID 19 (coronavirus) cases is worrying, particularly for those of you with loved ones living in our Barry and Cardiff Nursing Homes .Please be assured that residents’ health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at Bellavista and that we are treating this situation with the utmost seriousness. We would like to assure you that we have no suspected cases within the home and this measure has been taken for prevention and to protect the vulnerable adults in our care .Our expert staff teams are already well versed in infection control and have robust policies in place to prevent and manage infections among residents and staff members. We also have a dedicated Action Team responsible for monitoring the situation daily and updating the guidance and advice we give to residents, their loved ones and our staff team. Regular updates will be made available in writing and on this webpage and facebook page as and when required. Life will continue as normal in the home.
We would like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and goodwill in helping with our move to minimise non-essential visits at our homes

What we are doing in our  Homes:

As a responsible provider of care, Bellavista nursing homes is continually monitoring GOV.UK and Public Health Board for advice about COVID-19. This includes following specific guidance for those in nursing and residential settings. At Bellavista Nursing Home we have decided to implement the following steps to help protect our residents as per the gov advice :


  • We will continue to try and support those needing to visit residents in extreme circumstances, such as those who are receiving “End of Life Care”.
  •  We have postponed all non-essential external trips for our residents to limit their exposure to coronavirus within the wider community.
  •  We have undergone a review of all infection control policies and procedures and developed contingency plans for the management of a Coronavirus outbreak.
  •  In accordance with government advice we have requested our staff to wash their hands often – with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitisers
    (at least 60% alcohol content)
  •  All Our staff have been made aware of how to clean and disinfect our Homes and offices.
  •  In addition to the above, We started monitoring all our residents and  staff temperature to ensure that it is not raised and to also establish that they do not have a cough or any other symptoms  . Should we find that anyone have any symptoms that are associated with the virus, they will be denied access to the home for a period of 7 days.
  • Our Barry and Cardiff homes have now been set up for Skype calling to enable you to keep in touch and we are confident that our staff will do all they can to ensure that life in our services remains as comfortable and sociable as possible as we support them with delivering interactive activities.


Due to the increase in Corona virus confirmed cases in the Cardiff area and for the safety of our residents our Cardiff and Barry home are still closed to visitors and will be until further notice.Staff and health professionals will be allowed entry. We would like to assure you that we have no suspected cases within the home and this measure has been taken for prevention and to protect the vulnerable adults in our care. Additional measures have also been put in to place within the home. If there is an emergency a decision on entry will be made in exceptional circumstances.We do understand that this may cause some emotional angst, but please reflect on the longer-term implications and the well being of our residents, you are welcome to ring the home at any times to be provided with updates or to speak to residents on the phone

Support for our residents and relatives and staff

Bellavista Nursing Homes is providing regular updates, reassurance and support to our all staff and fa email address for queries regarding COVID-19.   if you have any questions or concerns, please contact by email admin@bellavistanursinghome.com or phone 02920494447( Cardiff), Barry (01446743983) .We will continue to update and keep you informed, as local NHS and Government guidance changes.

Many thanks for your Support during this tim

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