Welcome to BellaVista Nursing Home

Bellavista is a 26-bedded registered care home providing accommodation and nursing care for older people. Our main aim is to provide a continuum of care, which takes account of increasing needs and frailty. The privacy, dignity, independence, rights and choices of our clients are central throughout their stay in Bellavista.

Individual care needs are carefully identified and a personalised care program created. We aim to nurture the social care needs of our clients and maintain the strong links with the local community. Above all we work to ensure that the home has a relaxed and happy environment.

People who enquire about our accommodation and services are provided with an information pack and encourage visiting the home. When the potential service user wants to enter the home we need to undertake a thorough assessment to ensure we can meet the person’s needs and to offer a trail period to confirm that we are able to do so.

We know that the most important part of offering good care, and is by ensuring we have good staff and we do everything we can to recruit and train staff who want to work in the home and meet our service user expectations.