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Dementia Friendly Environment

Our immediate surroundings can have a huge impact on our quality of life, particularly when trying to make sense of the world around us. We work hard to create an environments that help people living with dementia to live as independent and stress-free a life as possible.  Our  team is passionate about creating supporting and enabling dementia environments which balance colour schemes,  and points of interest and area’s  to create a safe, homely and easily understood environment. 

 As a nursing care providers,Bellavista Nursing Home has  been working closely with the Alzheimer’s Society, Social services, Local health Board and most of the departments in Cardiff Council to spread the awareness to a wider population. Our home is dementia friendly, and the small things are just as important like personalising a room or filling a memory box, and dementia-friendly features to support people with visual, hearing and mobility impairments associated with dementia. All through the home we enhanced and carefully designed the environment to be Dementia friendly with features themes for a calmer and stimulating atmosphere.

Our staff are highly trained in all aspects of dementia care , we are always researching new information, ideas and technologies to give support to people living with Dementia, helping them lead fuller lives.   With our new interaction inspired 3D dementia areas throughout our home we create scenes designed to inspire memories, and encourage conversations.  Across the home, there are naturally simulated features and surroundings to match themes like indoor garden, café, library etc. so that people can relate their previous memories to their present life.

As part of connecting communities towards Dementia Awareness Bellavista Nursing home organised a major event on 20th of April 2018 called ‘Dementia Friendly Cardiff Bay ‘in association with Dementia Friends Cardiff and local communities; which was sponsored by Barclays Bank Plc. The event was  a big success and we managed to give Dementia Friendly awareness to more than 300 local people in Cardiff bay and local area. This helped to support the needs of the local communities in Dementia Care along with the Residents of the area we are hoping to connect the communities and people in Cardiff and Cardiff Bay. The initiative was to bring awareness and better understanding about Dementia to support families and friends of someone living with Dementia. We wanted the local population, shop, businesses and charities will be able to welcome and support them well; when they are visiting Cardiff Bay.



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