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My idea of hell!!!  But it just goes to show how different we all are.
We have a team of activities organisers whose delight it is to find out what interests our residents and then to try and fulfil those wishes. Music always seems popular. So do animals. Belly dancers have proved very popular too, both with the ladies and the gentlemen. 
How do we know what to put on? The activities organisers encourage all residents to join the (usually) monthly group who tell them what they like and don’t like. Isn’t it lovely to have some control over your life? Sometimes painting is the choice, or cookery. Yes cookery is popular even with those who because of dietary restriction cannot eat the results. 
Sometimes getting out of the house is a delight. I remember when as a child my parents took me for a car ride. May seem very ordinary to those who are out and about all the time but when your not it can be special.  Toi help with this we run two vehicles that can take wheelchairs. A single wheel chair car is very helpful as it is inconspicuous and they can be like any other family going out for a coffee or going down the Island or the Knap. They could be going to the National Trust’;s Dyffryn House, to see the house and gardens.
OK your ambitions are bigger. You want an outing with your new friends or family.  We also have a minibus that will take up to three wheelchairs at one time. You may be like some of our ‘boys’ who went to a roick concert at St David’s Hall in Cardiff. They had a ball. Our ‘big’ minibus is well used for all manner of outings.
Imagine having to go to outpatients and the University Hospital in Cardiff and having to wait for an ambulance to pick you up then being seen and waiting for am ambulance to bring you back home. Hours spent., Hours wasted. Not for our residents as our team will take you and being you home without all the fuss.
We try to make everyone’s life as fulfilling as possible.

Bellavista Barry

A long-established quality Nursing home situated in the sea side of Barry with spectacular views over the Bristol channel

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